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    What is Tailored Precision Nutrition (TPN)?

The mission of Tailored Precision Nutrition is to empower people with the programs to achieve and maintain specific body fat and weight goals. TPN will provide, efficient, effective, and healthy programs for diverse nutritional goals. Tailored Precision Nutrition (TPN) is exactly what the name implies. TPN is a revolutionary cardiovascular and nutrition program to meet specific individual goals. The programs are tailored to individual needs including bodybuilding, figure, and bikini competition, sports performance, weight loss, weight gain, diabetes, and gluten free options. Besides the proven programs, the suite will provide the ability to customize the percentages of macro-nutrients and specific parameters used for developing specific meal plans. All meal plans are based on an individually prepared protocol. The user will select the number of meals desired to meet the daily caloric intake. The specific meal breakdown is determined. TPN will develop meals in exact amounts to reach individually tailored goals. TPN is the only set of programs that give the user this ability. The programs can pull numerous meals in a very short time that are perfectly tailored to specific needs. Anyone who has developed meal plans for clients can appreciate this unique ability.

Precision refers to the ability of TPN to reach very specific weight or body fat goals. Many bodybuilding and figure contestants have used TPN to reach various goals and titles. TPN reaches weight goals within a few pounds and body fats within a normal margin of error using skin fold fat analysis. Clients who follow the program closely reach their individually tailored goal within the specified time needed for healthy weight loss with amazing accuracy. This makes the precision of TPN the best in the business. Bodybuilders love Tailored Precision Nutrition for this feature. If TPN can keep bodybuilders healthy while dialing in for a show, it can certainly help other clients with healthy and efficient weight loss and control.

For decades, the dietary prescription in an attempt to prevent heart disease was high carbohydrate, low protein, and low fat. This trend and the over processing of food has produced alarming rates of obesity, diabetes, and chronic disease. The body is like a furnace. If it receives the right amount of fuel at optimal timing, it burns the most efficiently. Tailored Precision Nutrition provides software to reach diverse nutritional goals and needs. TPN determines the calories needed to maintain muscle while achieving a weight or body fat. Specific goals determine the daily caloric breakdown. The weight loss program turns on metabolism by providing a balanced diet. A perfectly balanced diet turns on metabolism for maximum efficiency. For sports performance or an already active person body changes, protein is elevated to ensure a positive nitrogen balance to promote lean body mass. The program for bodybuilders and figure competitors elevates protein further for the dehydration effect. This program should last a relatively short period of time generally lasting twelve weeks or less.

TPN provides a program that utilizes glycemic index, fiber, insulin response, and saturated fat to best treat diabetes. This program is fully customizable so it may accommodate different theories of treatment. The goals for diabetics are generally weight loss, stable blood sugar, and lower insulin levels. TPN provides a program for healthy weight gain promoting lean body mass. Many athletes have problems gaining weight necessary for success in particular sports.

A unique feature of this revolutionary nutrition software is the ability to provide meal plans to maintain the goals achieved and prevent the "yo, yo effect" experienced by many other systems. The program to maintain the desired goal will be made available for all the modules except bodybuilding and figure for it is somewhat unhealthy to have that low body fat for very long. TPN allows the user go to a fat percentage below what may be considered healthy to reach specific sports and physique goals. Body fat below seven for a male and twelve for a female could sacrifice normal hormone and physiological function. Healthy, efficient weight loss is a goal of the series of programs and the suite. ACSM states that if a person loses more than two and a half pounds per week he or she is losing muscle. For this reason, TPN targets two and a half to three pounds per week. TPN offers a cardiovascular program designed to burn body fat while maintaining every ounce of lean body mass. The cardiovascular program uses age predicted max heart rate or heart rate reserve to determine target heart rate. This target heart rate is the efficient fat burning zone. One can exercise above the upper limit. This provides cardiovascular benefit, but primarily burns protein and carbohydrates. This protein is muscle. The result is weight loss with very little or no change in fat percentage or aesthetics. You work too hard for your muscle so PLEASE do not burn it going at too high of a heart rate!

TPN combines very unique, innovative software and excellent nutrition knowledge. The programs are very user friendly. Client data is entered quick and easy. The user must decide to use APMHR or heart rate reserve and to use a body fat or not. The calories per day and target heart rate is auto updated and quickly calculated. The calories are calculated based on a change in body fat desired or desired body weight. Once the daily caloric intake is calculated, the program is chosen. The program chosen determines breakdown per day. The number of meals desired to meet the daily caloric intake is selected. The nutrient breakdown is determined for each meal. The user can enter the number of total meals requested and the program will automatically develop meals in exact amounts to meet the nutrition goal. Imagine giving a client a book full of meals to meet his or her exact goals. Get the very best in nutrition software. Anyone can pull books full of meals from our extensive database, which meet very precise nutrition parameters.