TPN Full Suite

TPN Full Suite

The programs page at products write Tpn bodyperfect software contains a suite of programs consisting of the following:

The Bodybuilding Program

uses high protein, low to moderate carbohydrates, and low fat. The protein is energetically favorable because it requires energy to process it during the process of deamination. This process also benefits the competitor because of the dehydration effect allowing him or her to naturally shed water throughout the allotted preparation time. Low to moderate carbohydrate is necessary to provide just enough energy to burn body fat. Very low or no carbohydrates does not efficiently burn fat and the person will sacrifice and metabolize muscle in an attempt to provide energy. A certain amount of energy through carbs is necessary to burn body fat. Tailored Precision Nutrition (TPN) provides a perfect balance to hold every ounce of muscle as well as burn fat and shed water to provide the best physique for the competitor that his or her genetics will allow.

The Active Weight Loss Program

is for people who are already exercising in some manner two or more days per week. The program uses slightly elevated protein than a perfectly balanced diet to provide a positive nitrogen balance for maintaining lean body mass, but not high enough that the dehydration effect of deamination is established. The moderate amount of carbohydrates with adequate glycemic index and insulin response allows the client to maintain muscle, burn body fat efficiently and provide energy for moderate to intense physical activity.

The Weight Loss Program

is for individuals who are currently exercising little or not at all. We encourage people to exercise because fat does not burn efficiently without activity. Many clients reach goals even with limited activity because the program if strictly followed will provide the calories, glycemic index, and insulin response that makes and sustains a certain weight. Given a well designed program, the body will reach and maintain a weight that the given substrates will allow and support. TPN encourages activity for efficient weight loss and to promote overall health. This program uses a perfectly balanced diet to turn on metabolism and promote healthy weight loss.

The Weight Gain Program

is for people who cannot put on a pound. It uses lower protein with much higher carbohydrates and fat to provide energy for an extreme ectomorph to use amino acids for muscle hypertrophy. Some people wishing to engage in sports or activities requiring size and strength will benefit from this program. Many individuals with very fast metabolisms can use the glycemic index and insulin response, but in an entirely different manner. If you are struggling to put on pounds, this is the program for you.

The Diabetic Program

is designed for weight loss, blood sugar stability, and insulin level reduction for both type 1 and type 2 diabetics. The program uses glycemic index as a tool to help avoid extreme insulin release due to large blood sugar spikes. The goal is to promote weight loss which is often difficult for diabetics. The diabetic plan uses equal amounts of protein and carbohydrates. This is very close to the balanced diet mentioned to turn on metabolism, avoid hypoglycemia, stabalize sugars, and lower insulin levels whether natural or synthetic. The fat content used is tailored for diabetics using less than 10 grams of saturated fat per day because diabetics are more prone to heart disease . The custom program is offered also because theories of diabetic treatment are diverse. This way a physician or diabetic educator can get benefit from the program using whatever treatment protocol is desired.


has an obvious connotation. After a client has reached a desired bodyfat and/or weight , this program provides the calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat, and fiber to hold the weight desired.

The Cardiovascular Program

is used to ensure that a client has a safe, effective, and efficient protocol to maintain muscle and burn body fat. The client should use Age Predicted Max Heart Rate (APMHR) unless under treatment of a cardiologist or taking medication effecting heart rate and/or dynamics. People who are unable to use APMHR will need to enter information acquired from a recent stress test that includes max heart rate, resting heart rate, and VO2. This uses the heart rate reserve formula to provide safe, beneficial fat burning perameters. Reaching and maintaing max heart rate is a crucial element in burning appropriate substrates to maintain muscle and remove fat for adequite body composition changes in an efficient amount of time, obviously the more cardiovascular training accomplished the better the results.

The Custom Program

The custom program gives the user the ability to develop meal plans based on whatever nutrient parameters desired. This program uses specific percentages of nutrients established by the needs of the user or client. The custom program features the ability to use macronutrients and parameters of any current program whether effective or not and produce a protocol on the spot. The user can accommodate any breakdown desired and establish many meal plans to achieve the protocol. Tpnbodyperfect provides this feature making it very innovative and encompassing any theories on nutrition.

Full Price Option $950.00

If a customer pays a year in full they receive a 20% discount resulting in a price of $950.

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$99.00 Per Month (Recurring).